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common ways a pool heater breaks down

Pool heaters can break down for various reasons, leading to issues with their functionality. Some common ways a pool heater can break include: Thermostat Problems: The thermostat controls the temperature of the pool water. Malfunctions in the thermostat can lead to incorrect temperature readings, causing the heater to overheat or

pool heater features to consider

When considering a pool heater, there are several important features to take into account to ensure that it meets your needs and provides efficient and effective heating. Here are some of the best pool heater features to consider: Heating Capacity: The heating capacity of the pool heater is crucial. It

preventing pool heater failures

Pool heaters are a great piece of equipment that extend your swimming season and make it a more enjoyable experience. Like all pool equipment, your pool heater will require special care and proper installation. Do Not Cover Your Pool Heater. This may sound like bad advice but, once you cover