armstrong air conditioner troubleshooting

If you’re looking for help fixing your Armstrong Air Conditioner, look no further! Our comprehensive Armstrong Air Conditioner Troubleshooting guide will explain common issues, provide tips, and show you how to read your model’s error codes.

My home is not getting cool air 
A circuit breaker may have been tripped in your home.
Locate your circuit breaker box (or electrical panel). They are typically located on an inside wall at the back of the house. Check the circuit breaker box and make sure. breakers are in the ON position. Also check that the disconnect switch (located near the air conditioner or heat pump) is ON. You may need to reset your circuit breaker.
Incorrect setting on your thermostat or your thermostat may simply be OFF.
Check that your thermostat is ON and set to COOL.
Blocked filter.
Check the furnace or air handler filter to see if it is blocked with dust and dirt. If so, change the filter. Remember to change your filter approximately once a month.

There is no airflow 
Blocked filter
Check all the filters in your HVAC system components. Follow the recommendations in your user’s manual for cleaning and replacing your filters.
Dirty coil may have frozen your system
Check your indoor unit and see if there is evidence of water below the unit. Feel for a cold surface on the indoor coil enclosure. You can turn OFF your thermostat for 1–3 hours to see if it will defrost. Contact a certified repair person if the problem persists.
Dirty or blocked ductwork
Check your indoor unit to see (or hear) if the blower is running. Then go to different vents in your house to feel for airflow. If you do not feel any air, contact a certified repair person for duct cleaning services.

The drain pan is overflowing 
The overflow switch is likely not functioning
Turn your system OFF and contact a certified repair person.

My unit runs all the time 
Your thermostat setting might be too high or low
Adjust your thermostat during extremely hot or cold days so that your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work so hard.

My utility bills are higher than normal 
Your system is not reaching its thermostat setting
If your outdoor temperatures are constantly in the extreme, you may experience higher-than-average utility bills as your system tries to keep up with extremely hot or cold weather conditions.
Your utility company may have had a recent rate increase
Check with your local utility company to ask about recent rate increases. Ask them about ways to conserve energy with your existing equipment. It may be time to think about upgrading your equipment for greater energy efficiency.
Are you using a new appliance that uses a lot of power (hot tub, pool heater, sauna, etc.)?
You may consider turning the appliance ON for shorter periods of time or completely OFF when not in use.

armstrong air conditioner troubleshooting


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I would like to recommend your company to anyone

March 6, 2021

Your company KDM Home & Gas has just installed the CV 50 water heater to my house. The installation process was so smooth. You guys put on the carpet runner in order to avoid any scratch and damage to the carpet and the floor. Your professional guidance has highlighted the B Vent should be installed for the chimney exhaust in order to comply with the building & safety code. You have even performed leak test & dial test in order to make sure the whole installation is in a perfect manner. The registration of the warranty is also very convenient and easy.

I really appreciated that you came to my house to inspect the situation and provide the quotation to me before we decide to get the new water heater. The whole process was so smooth and communicate very well. You return all my text message on the same day basis or even within short time. I would like to recommend your company to anyone.

Wing Sang LeungNorth York, Ontario

Work was done neatly. Can barely see the pipe that was installed

March 6, 2021

Work was done neatly. Can barely see the pipe that was installed. Priced really well.

Ellen McaleerOshawa, Ontario

KDM's cost was amazingly reasonable compared to all other quotes

March 6, 2021

The tricky plumbing job was completed carefully and thoroughly . Daniel even did extra to make the job proper, within the quote . He patiently explained the work needed before and after completion . In good time, he returned calls and messages, detailed the work, listed every cost honestly, and answered any questions pleasantly . Daniel and his partner were always courteous, and respectful to keep the work clean in my house .

The replaced part is of high quality, thank you ! And his cost were amazingly reasonable compared to all other quotes.

Don GibsonMarkham, Ontario

I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a professional job at a reasonable price

March 6, 2021

KDM did a very professional job paying attention to safety and TSSA codes for this type of work.
At the end of the job they tested all gas fired appliances as they had the main gas off to preform this job, and made sure everything was working proper.

I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a professional job at a reasonable price.

Don BlakeWhitby, Ontario

I would recommend KDM Home Gas to anyone looking for quality home repair services

March 6, 2021

Daniel was really great to work with. His communication and genuine care for the work being done made all the difference in the world to me especially as we’ve never had good experiences with contractors in the past.

Daniel showed up when he said he would, and took his time to explain to me what caused my humidifier to malfunction. His customer service skills are superior and his quality workmanship made the experience a pleasant one.

I would recommend KDM Home Gas to anyone looking for quality home repair services to their heating or cooling units.

Giselle DharmiWhitby, Ontario

Thank you guys! We couldn’t be happier

March 6, 2021

Dan and his team were extremely professional, courteous, and clean. They showed up on time, and completed the installation exactly when they said they would finish by. Thank you guys ! We couldn’t be happier.

Maria & Steve HalvorsonPickering, Ontario

I highly recommend KDM Home

March 6, 2021

Daniel, Shane and Steve did a great job replacing our 3 appliances today. They’re true professionals that pride themselves on making sure everything is done correctly, within budget and on time. They answered all my questions and were more than willing to give helpful advice. I highly recommend KDM Home.

Frank HowardWhitby, Ontario

I would recommend KDM Home & Gas to anyone looking for great service at a good price.

March 6, 2021

After our old (20+ years) unit gave out, I used HomeStars to obtain quotes for a replacement. Within 30 minutes of posting, I was speaking with Daniel, who was polite and helpful throughout the process. He offered a fair price and a few different products to choose from, and was able to do the installation the same week. I would recommend KDM Home & Gas to anyone looking for great service at a good price.

Josh TaylorAjax, Ontario

Great guys Daniel and Shane did an excellent job

March 6, 2021

Great guys Daniel and Shane did an excellent job clean efficient and on time also very knowledgeable will have them back to replace furnace.

George TrajkovskiAjax, Ontario

KDM did our fireplace gas line and heat venting

March 6, 2021

We’re finishing our basement and had a gas line out in for a fireplace, as well as a heating vent out in bathroom.

Maria & Steve Halvorson Oshawa, Ontario