trane furnace codes

If you’re looking for help fixing your Trane furnace, look no further! Our comprehensive Trane furnace repair guide will explain common issues, provide troubleshooting tips, and show you how to read your model’s error codes.

CODE: Slow flashing LED light
PROBLEM: This means that your furnace is on, but it’s not calling for heat.
FIX: This is only an issue if you have raised your thermostat and your furnace doesn’t respond.

CODE: Rapidly flashing LED light
PROBLEM: Means that your furnace is on and is actively calling for heat.
FIX: Only beware this if your furnace is continuously calling for heat and isn’t responding to your thermostat.

CODE: Continuous LED on
PROBLEM: Control panel issue.
FIX: Replace the control panel.

CODE: Two LED flashes
PROBLEM: System lockout due to lack of flame or reversed polarity.
FIX: Check for miswiring, clogged pilot tube, or humidity in the unit.

CODE: Three LED flashes
PROBLEM: Draft pressure error.
FIX: Check if the drain tubes are full of moisture or obstructed with dirt.

CODE: Four LED flashes
PROBLEM: The furnace is experiencing an open temperature limit circuit issue.
FIX: The issue with thermal protection.

CODE: Five LED flashes
PROBLEM: A flame was sensed within your furnace that shouldn’t be present.
FIX: Check for a leaky gas valve, stuck gas valve, or defective flame sensor.

CODE: Six LED flashes
PROBLEM: AC power voltage is too low.
FIX: Correct line voltage polarity, check the wiring.

CODE: Seven LED flashes
PROBLEM: An issue with your gas circuit.
FIX: Check your unit’s gas valves for the issue.

CODE: Eight LED flashes
PROBLEM: Low Flame.
FIX: Check for flame sensor malfunction or low gas pressure.

CODE: Nine LED flashes
PROBLEM: Igniter circuit issue.
FIX: Check igniter.

trane furnace codes


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